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Making Connections. Empowering People.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Since the turn of the 19th century, beauty salons and barber shops have served as special places among African Americans.

A Community Within the Community.

Beauty salons and barber shops have been places not only to get hair care services but locations where black people could be vulnerable and talk about issues of importance in the community. There were spaces where customers interacted while having conversations about local gossip, politics, and community affairs.

Over the years, beauty salons and barber shops have come to provide a unique social function. Scholars often cite these sites as “sanctuaries” for black people. Many film adaptations of African American themes use these businesses to show black culture in the United States. Coming to America (1988), Malcolm X (1992), and Barbershop (2002) are examples of films used to showcase African Americans’ unique relationships with these communities within the community. We strive to continue to grow as a successful minority owned business, serving our local community in regards to empowering people to realize self confidence through the implementation of quality services and relying on our motto of beauty with principles.

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